Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Download videos from Vimeo with TubeMate

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Although for many there is only youtube videos, we must say that there is also Vimeo and other platforms playback of music videos, documentaries, movies, humorous, finally no youtube only man lives!
Now, Vimeo is a platform where the user can upload and watch videos shared by its members, without any advertising. This platform is available on the market since 2004, has been taking more popularity among users more refined, by the great professional appearance that give the videos, one of the most important features of Vimeo.
Today we will teach them to download these HD videos you have on your Vimeo platform with the application of TubeMate .

Download videos from Vimeo with TubeMate:

  • The first is the first; TubeMate open the application.
  • After we meet in this tool, we will head for the section above the left as shown in the picture, where we will be able to search the different platforms that is available for us to download videos.
  • As you can see TubeMate is not only download videos on youtube , we can do it in any of those platforms shown.
  • We chose the platform where we will watch our videos and download them in this case Vimeo.
  • After selecting Vimeo, we go into that network video and the first thing we do is or Login if you have an account already registered, or find the videos you want to see.
  • Having searched the video you want to download Vimeo, we will select.
  • We showed the video player and give to Play, giving immediately play the video download box will appear and we will click on download.
  • The video will automatically begin downloading to your device as you can see in the image.
With these simple steps you can download videos from Vimeo with TubeMate tool.


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