Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Videos from Youtube in Gifs

Posted By: Gone Im - 22:27:00
Before or after all we've bumped with messages in forums or pages with animated gifs and where all the authors themselves have written some other text to show what they wanted to convey. The point is that many people following these gifs planet how become?


For some time there are programs, free, allowing liven up the GIFs from videos, but usually requires some other computer knowledge to make the GIF life. This makes programs that are in Internet are not recommended for users who just get into that world.

Luckily there are other possibilities that are much easier to use. This is the case of GIF Youtube tool as its name shows can create animated GIFs and free taking any video that is uploaded to Youtube .

To use the tool only you have to copy the link in the address bar and then add the word "gif" at the beginning of the address, something like this: "https: // www . Gif watch? v = yDhjNKvUVA4 "without the quotation marks is clear.

Done this you can click Create Gif and in seconds you can have the Youtube video in GIF format so you can share where you want.


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